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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 49
Season Two

JACK AND ROSE GET MARRIED. Rose has agreed to marry Jack, the only trouble is she hasn't told anyone .... and the wedding day is drawing near. Jack can't understand why the normally gutsy Rose is chickening out, but Rose is scared of the reactions of two people. One is her father, who isn't too fond of Jack .... and the other is her best friend, Con. Rose knows that Con harbours hopes about their relationship and she doesn't quite know how to break the news.

JODIE v KAREN - SISTERS IN STRIFE Jodie and her half sister, Karen, are in conflict over Karen's infatuation with Matt. Underlying this confusing situation is a mixture of sibling rivalry and sisterly love. Having temporarily lost Matt to her sister, Jodie concentrates on her career. She and Con hear that an entrepreneur, Rick Vineburg, is looking for new talent and submit a demo.

Meantime, Karen realises that Jodie is the one Matt loves and resenting everything good always happening to Jodie, she takes the call from Rick Vineberg and pretends to be Jodie. This could be her way out of the mess she's in. Just before the wedding Con and Jodie realise what's happened and tear off to present the real Jodie.

Karen is exposed as an imposter, but time is running out and it looks like Jodie and Con are going to miss the wedding ...

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