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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 5
Season One

Nick and George fall out in a big way over Nick's study commitments. Nick leaves home, moves in with Jodie and looks for a job, shaping up to leave school. His family and friends are concerned about this move and his motives. George wanting to do the best for his son recognises he needs space and support.

Jodie's star is on the rise when a record company offers a position singing in a band in Melbourne. She realises, with the help of Nick's friends and Mum, that she must think about what is best for Nick, before he follows her to Melbourne and not after. She decides to go without him. Nick comes to understand this decision, it makes him reassess his decision to leave home and school. Nick and Jodie are both heartbroken to have to say goodbye and share a bittersweet farewell.

Christina moves in with Yola but must deal with Marco out-staying his welcome at her new flat before she gets a taste of her new freedom.

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