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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 50
Season Two

Rivers' father Norm escapes from custody. Rivers and the gang at the warehouse are in for a shock when the police immediately target them as Norm's most likely destination and raid the place. Norm in fact does seek refuge at the warehouse. Rivers hides him successfully at first, but his unusual behaviour and long absences arouse suspicions amongst his friends and teachers. Norm, working on Rivers' car, which will become his escape vehicle, is accidentally discovered by the others when they return early from an outing. Rivers lies and tells them it's his Uncle Harry, but they know who it really is. Out of loyalty to Rivers and sympathy for Norm, (who escaped custody to avoid serving a longer sentence for something he didn't do), they decide to keep his presence a secret. Southgate and Yola become convinced Norm is hiding out at the warehouse, and are worried for the safety of the kids if the police should decide to storm the place again. They are even more alarmed to realise Rivers is planning on taking off with his father, despite Norm's insistence that he does not go with him. Southgate gives Rivers a lecture about life on the run - he'll never be free. Don't sacrifice his life for his father. As a result, Rivers decides not to go with his father after all. A bittersweet farewell. Father and son know it may be a long time, if ever, they see each other again.

Jodie and Matt are finally a couple. However, plans to consummate the relationship are foiled when Rivers' father hides out at the warehouse. They can't afford to have any visitors calling around, including Matt, who totally gets the wrong idea when Jodie is unable to explain why he can't spend the night. After Norm's departure, a happy resolution clearing up the misunderstanding. Maybe now they will have the chance to finally express their love for each other ....

Under pressure from her flatmates, Jodie tells Karen it's time to move on. She takes the hint and hits on Con as her next port of call, who is happy to let her stay in his room, believing it may lead to something between them. Chaos ensues at the Bordinos as they put up with the house guest from hell, driving Helen to deliver an ultimatum to Con: Karen must go. Con tries to tell her this, but is won over again by Karen's charms. Even Roberto changes his mind about her when she "borrows" his truck, and brings home a hitchhiker for dinner. Con is forced into making it clear to Karen that she's outstayed her welcome, but is saved at the last minute by her announcement she's going to Byron Bay with her new hitchhiker boyfriend. Relief all around, followed by a tearful farewell with Jodie.

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