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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 51
Season Two

Southgate's efforts to get the kids involved in the Surf Club leads to an outrageous practical joke when the surf boat he's employed as part of his recruiting drive disappears. The joke turns sour when suspicion drives a wedge between Southgate and the kids, and amongst friends. Southgate's over the top reaction does nothing to endear him to his students - they don't appreciate the significance his involvement in the surf club has at this stage of his life. Fingers of suspicion are pointed at Matt and Rivers. Their assertions of innocence are not believed and they become united as outcasts. Along with the rest of the gang, Southgate also must learn to trust again. He, Matt and Rivers bond when they combine to save a life, and then join forces to get the surf boat back.

Southgate and Yola have become closer but this is not exactly comfortable for either of them, when Yola can see the mistakes he is making because of his obsession with the Surf Club. Yola can also see this obsession as part of a deeper insecurity, as the foundations of Southgate's life have been dismantled one by one. By the end of the episode, each has new found respect for the other, Southgate increasingly beginning to see Yola as someone he needs in his life.

Matt and Jodie want to take their relationship a step further to sexual commitment, but circumstantial pressures frustrate this. The relationship itself becomes at risk. Have they missed the time to make the move from friends to lovers? Some sympathetic help from their friends bring matters to a romantic conclusion.

Steve has to grow up in a hurry when he is faced with Lucy's departure, and what this means for the future of their relationship.

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