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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 52
Season Two

Yola panics when she thinks she might be losing her baby. Southgate becomes very solicitous of her, especially when she airs her worries about juggling work and child care. He offers her a marriage of convenience as a solution, and is hurt when she turns him down. The real reason is that Yola doesn't feel ready to contemplate a relationship of any sort with another man yet. But after Jodie gives her some food for thought about moving on after the death of a lover, Yola reconsiders Southgate's proposal and opens herself up to his offer of friendship. When he informs her that the student counsellor in the region he's been transferred to has resigned, Yola takes up the position and they leave to speculation about the real nature of their relationship. Are they really just friends, or is this the start of something beautiful ...?

To everyone's surprise, Southgate gets a promotion to become principal of a country high school. Rivers takes the news badly, resenting Southgate for apparently deserting him. Rivers is antagonistic towards Southgate, earning himself a detention, which is when Southgate gets to the crux of the problem. He reassures Rivers he's not walking out on him: he'll always be there for him, even if not in person. Problem resolved, Rivers offers to do a final tune on Southgate's car - and turns it into a total hot rod. Southgate is thrilled with his farewell gift.

Matt and Jodie are concerned about Deloraine's reaction to their relationship. Deloraine tries talking to Matt about it, but when this fails, decides the solutions to invite Jodie to dinner. An awkward night follows, with Jodie finally having to explain to Deloraine that it feels too early in their relationship to be grilled by relatives. Deloraine takes the point.

Steve and Danielle decide to make a horror movie. Effie has nightmares after hearing them discuss possible plots, upset they seem to be making fun of the dead (vulnerable due to the recent deaths in her own family). Con is in charge of special effects and is blamed for a mysterious apparition that appears in a shot. Danielle and Effie decide to get their revenge, and spook Con, who gets so freaked out, wants nothing more to do with the movie.

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