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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 53
Season Two

To everyone's surprise, Sam Robinson turns up as a casual relief teacher to replace Southgate and Yola. Deloraine lays down the law about not fraternising with the students, particularly Rivers. Sam is confident he won't be a problem, taking pains never to be in a potentially compromising situation with any student. Graham Brown is unconvinced her return to Hartley is a good idea, but is won over by Sam's adamant assertion she has the right to work in whatever school she wishes to. The kids of Hartley need her. She made a difference last time she was there, and feels she has unfinished business in helping these kids realise their full potential. Rivers, unable to accept their relationship is over, starts following Sam home, calling her at night, etc. Bolton fears he will lose his mate to Sam all over again, and wanting to prove her worthlessness to Rivers, verbally abuses her, accusing her of being fair game. Deloraine sees this encounter which confirms his fears about Sam's return. Sam is ready to give up when Graham inspires Rivers to sort the situation out. He forces Bolton to explain his behaviour to Deloraine who decides that Sam can stay on at Hartley after all.

The manager of the Shark pool quits without notice and Con has to fill in for him. Roberto offers to step in as he is between jobs. Antagonism arises between father and son when Roberto decides to streamline operations. A price hike only serves to empty the pool room of its regular clientele and Roberto is forced to concede that his son knows more about the business than he does.

Bart kisses Effie and she is distressed because she does not know how to respond. Con tries to give her advice but baulks when the conversation gets too technical. He enlists Danielle's aid and she sets Effie straight. Effie and Bart become boyfriend and girlfriend.

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