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Heartbreak High

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 54
Season Two

Katerina surprises Rivers when she turns up unexpectedly at the warehouse. Still desperately in love with him, she's come back from Greece to pick up where they left off. She is astounded when he rejects her advances and learns his heart belongs to Sam Robinson, a teacher. Katerina tries seduction again and Rivers throws her out of the warehouse. The Bordinos discover she has run away from Greece and, after some debate, it is agreed that she can stay with them. Roberto and Helen feel sure that although she has promised to behave, they will have their hands full while she is with them. Indeed Katerina busies herself, creating havoc at school by threatening Sam to report her for her affair with Rivers despite Sam's protests that nothing is happening between them. Katerina then tries to blackmail Rivers into going out with her or she'll make trouble for Sam. Katerina realises all too soon, however, that her attempts to make Rivers love her are futile. She finds comfort in Con.

Steve wants to take photos of the semi-naked human body for an art project. All his friends assume he has a perverted ulterior motive except Jodie. A horrified Matt tells Steve that Jodie isn't interested in modelling for him, which leads to an argument between the couple. Jodie agrees to model for Steve. Matt, suitably chastised about his attitude, decides to be cool about it but struggles to hide his apprehension about the photographic session. Jodie, aware of Matt's worries, lets him think the worst because in the end Matt is relieved to learn the photographs are just arty shots of elbows, knees, etc.

Effie and Bart hit a snag in their relationship, when, after kissing Effie, Bart's friends tease him and lead him to believe he will now have to marry her. Bart is overwhelmed and decides to cool things with Effie. Under Katerina's instruction, Effie feigns an interest in the classroom hunk which makes Bart jealous. He has to woo her back.

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Heartbreak High

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