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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 55
Season Two

Steve is in for a surprise when he unexpectedly visits his mother. He discovers he has a sister he has never heard about and who has never heard of him. At first, Lorraine is reluctant to let her children know one another, so Steve is forced to confront Lorraine and Allie (his sister) with the truth.

When Allie and Steve decide to make up for the lost years, things become even more difficult. During a day at the beach, Allie falls and cuts her head. Afraid that her mother will be upset if she hears the truth, Allie decides to lie to Lorraine. Steve decides the opposite: it is time for the lies to end - he again confronts Lorraine with the truth. An angry Lorraine pours out all her grief and anguish about Allie's injury and the sins of the past to Steve and Allie. It is not going to be easy, but at least everyone in the family now knows the truth.

Effie is on the school cricket team and Katerina sees an opportunity to annoy her coach: Katerina's nemesis, Sam. Katerina taunts Sam and they have a show down in the cricket nets. The duel between the two ends when Katerina bats a cricket ball through Deloraine's window. When Sam claims responsibility for the accident, Katerina discovers a new respect and affection for her teacher. Katerina also decides that Peter Rivers is old news ... now she is interested in Matt!

Rivers is incensed when he discovers that his ute has disappeared. He is even more angry when Matt admits that he "borrowed" it and it seems to have been subsequently stolen. There is relief all round when the police find the ute - except it has been stripped of its tyres. Matt has to sell his surfboard to pay for the damage.

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