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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 57
Season Two

Allie starts at Hartley High, unbeknown to her parents. Steve is worried about deception, but glad his sister is at the same school. Steve is touched when Allie gives him a watch that belonged to her grandfather. Andrew supervises swimming and Steve's watch goes missing. Steve's outrage over the loss makes him force Andrew to take firm action, alienating himself and Allie from other kids. Allie resents Steve for taking away her new found friends and brother and sister fight. Andrew gives Allie advice which helps her patch things up with Steve. Allie's father discovers the deception and insists that she leaves Hartley High. Andrew leaps to her's and the school's defence, discovering he has a higher opinion of Hartley High than even he realised. Allie wins back the friendship of the gang by helping resolve Rivers' behaviour, making costumes for a play.

Rivers plans to stage his own nineties version of Romeo and Juliet, with Sam's help. Andrew refuses to get involved - it's not part of his job. The role of writer/director goes to Rivers' head and he becomes totally obnoxious, encouraging bribery from all prospective performers. The gang have a bit of fun sabotaging each other's auditions. They become so annoyed by Rivers' behaviour that they drop out, leaving Rivers with no actors and a quick lesson from Allie in eating humble pie. Andrew wins back the gang by offering to get involved.

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