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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 58
Season Two

Roberto keeps a health scare from the kids until he receives test results. Unsure of the future, Roberto encourages Con to go into his business, not saying why. Con is annoyed that his father is ignoring his interests. Katerina suspects what is going on and tells Con, who is shocked to learn the truth. He and Katerina become substitute parents to be supportive, the crisis bringing them closer. Father and son air resentments, resulting in a stronger bond. The test results are clear and Con has a new appreciation of his father's business.

Backstage dramas and last minute disasters with the school play. Katerina makes Jodie jealous, enticing Matt with her performance before quitting because of Bordino problems. Jodie resents her for letting them down, regretting it when she learns why. Allie takes Katerina's role.

Rivers develops a friendship with Andrew when he helps out with the production. Rivers assumes this familiarity during school hours, but Andrew puts him on detention. Rivers should show due respect at school. Andrew argues with Sam over earning or demanding respect from students. The detention is at the same time as rehearsal, so Rivers doesn't go. Andrew drags him away to attend detention, where they reach an understanding about each other's way of thinking. Andrew thaws emotionally.

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