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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 59
Season Two

When Andrew sets a science assignment, Matt sees an opportunity to salvage his increasingly cool relationship with Jodie. Jodie thinks Matt lacks his commitment to anything except surfing. Matt wants to show Jodie that he can be serious about something. So he starts investigating chemical pollution at a local beach. Soon Matt is trespassing onto the site of a local chemical plant to collect samples of pollutants for his science assignment-turned-crusade. He is arrested, but is allowed to go free on condition he does not trespass again. But Matt is determined and, with Allie, he breaks into the plant again. While there, he meets Andrew who has decided Matt might need help against the chemical company. Together they gather samples.

Matt does prove that the chemical company are polluting the beach, but at a personal cost Jodie, feeling neglected, decides she and Matt are irreconcilably different. But Matt has grown closer to Allie through their hair-raising adventures at the chemical plant. Matt also feels closer to Andrew, who has proven he is more than just an academic scientist.

Despite herself, Sam is also drawn to this previously hidden side of Andrew's nature - she and Andrew become flatmates and, to one another's surprise, kiss.

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