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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 60
Season Two

Rivers learns his father is back in town. Norm is in a squat, planning on getting a job and going straight, but he is not a well man. An old criminal mate of Norm's want him to help on a "job". Rivers is desperate for his father not to return to crime, and he tries in vain to find straight work for Norm. When Norm can't get legitimate work, Rivers realises his father is intending to the "job", so - acting on Sam's advice, he dobs Norm in to the police - it is the only way Rivers can see to save his father. At first, Norm feels betrayed by his son. but Sam convinces him that Rivers acted out of genuine concern. Father and son are reconciled. Sam and Rivers are becoming closer.

Other old flames are kindling when Steve works on a photographic exhibit with Danielle and something develops between them in the dark room.

Con is still confused about where his relationship with Katerina is going - is she interested or not?

Jodie and Matt attempt to get back together. As she and Matt decide whether they have a future together or not, Jodie is asked for advice on relationships by both Steve and Con. Tire advice Jodie dispenses makes her realise that she and Matt were not meant to be together As Matt and Jodie break up for good, Matt finds himself attracted to Allie. Jodie has also met someone new - a piano player at the Shark Pool, Jim Scully.

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