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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 61
Season Two

Jodie is surprised when she hears the new singer at the Shark Pool - he sounds just like the mid-80's rock star Tim Beckett. Jodie is even more surprised to discover that the singer really is Tim Beckett. She is thrilled when Tim suggests they work on a song together. But excitement turns to bitter disappointment when Tim kicks Jodie out after a few abortive attempts at song writing, claiming she is too young to know what good music is. It seems Tim has lost it. Jodie angrily rejects Tim's apologies, until he comes to the warehouse to explain that he thinks she is very talented - he had been blaming her for his own inadequacies. Tim reveals to Jodie that the is an alcoholic who has been unable to write music for several years.

The next day, Jodie is in for a surprise - inspired by her youth and talent, Tim has written a song for Jodie. It is the first of many, he feels, the old Tim Beckett is back! The future also looks bright for Jodie - the single looks like top ten material.

Meanwhile at the Bordino's, a war is brewing. Katerina and Con have made a bet. Katerina wants to convert Hartley High to healthy vegetarian food and Con wants to prove that the students of Hartley are addicted to junk food. Battle lines are drawn. Katerina sets up a health food stall - Con sets up a junk food stall. For a while it looks like Con has won the bet, he does a roaring trade. Then he poisons half the school with his hot dogs. Katerina gloats - Con is furious. Will these two ever get on`?

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