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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 63
Season Two

There are two things you can do during a teacher's strike - study or not study. When the Hartley staff take industrial action, Con plans a day of intimate non-study at home with Katerina. Katerina feels otherwise and forestalls intimacy with Con by inviting Rivers over. Some things are unavoidable and soon the Bordino house is the site of a raging Hartley High party.

As Jodie tells Mr Deloraine that she is leaving school to pursue her musical career, other more personal revelations are taking place at the Bordino house party, where a game of truth or dare is under way. To Con's chagrin, Katerina tells of her night of passion with Dimitri, the Greek fisherman. In front of her boyfriend Steve, Danielle reveals who she'd rather be with. Allie refuses to tell Matt if she has slept with Rivers or not and Matt blade skates through the grounds of Hartley High in Helen Bordino's wedding dress. The fun only ends with the arrival of a ute-full of gate crashers who convert the Bordino house into a disaster area.

After the mayhem of the party has passed, it is time to pick up the pieces. Con wants nothing to do with Katerina. Matt and Allie are estranged for a moment, as are Danielle and Steve and so are Andrew and Sam. There is however a silver lining or two - in the wake of the gatecrashers, Sam tends Rivers' wounds and re-ignites their love and, outside the party, Con has had a chance to say goodbye to Jodie and to wish her well as she leaves to become a star.

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