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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 64
Season Two

Katerina realises that she in fact deeply cares for Con. He refuses her nocturnal advances, interpreting them as more antagonistic behaviour. Later, after she professes her true love on pirate radio, Con overcomes his amazement and they get together.

Andrew accuses Sam of still carrying the flame for Rivers. To prove he isn't bothered by her past and to get closer to her, Andrew enlists Rivers in buying and restoring an old motorcycle. Rivers utilises this to try and get closer to Sam. She repels his advances but he is convinced she still feels for him. Andrew proposes to an uncertain Sam.

Jodie returns disappointed that her single is dying on the airwaves. Con decides to promote her illegally on Andrew's transmitter and consequently the radio broadcasts are cancelled by Deloraine. They decide to move operations to the warehouse. Deloraine finds out. Happily, Jodie's single is picked up by the station that they jammed.

Allie moves into the warehouse to take over Jodie's room.

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