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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 65
Season Two

It's not a good week for Jim Deloraine. He is under pressure. The Department of Education will close Hartley High down if the school cannot attract new students. Meanwhile, Sam has rejected Andrew's offer of marriage, so Andrew has decided to resign from Hartley. It is too much for Deloraine - he has a heart attack.

Things are looking bleak for the school until Deloraine gets off his sick bed and returns to save Hartley. Inspired, the students decide to get serious about saving their school - they beg, entice and blackmail other students from other schools to enrol at Hartley. The kids even organise an Open Day to show the world what Hartley has to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the kids have done enough, with enrolments falling below the required number. Then Hartley's star student unexpectedly returns. With a moving tribute to Deloraine and Hartley, Jodie turns the tables. By the time she has finished her speech, the number of enrolments has exceeded those required.

Meanwhile, other chapters in the life of Hartley High are drawing to an end. After she rejects Andrew, Sam decides she must leave Hartley High behind. For a while, it looks as if she is leaving Rivers and Andrew both behind in her past. But, as Sam roars off up the highway to her future, a familiar figure is standing by the side of the road. It is Rivers.

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