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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 7
Season One

The soccer team continues to perform dismally and the low morale threatens to destroy the team. Christina, well aware of her inadequacies as coach seeks George's help. George adamantly refuses. Meanwhile, the team's speculations about why George won't coach get Nick down. Ireni draws George out on his attitudes and plays a big part in getting him to recognise how much he would benefit Nick and the team. He joins as assistant coach and boosts the team's spirits in an instant.

After training Nick and George arrive home to find Ireni is not there. The telephone rings. There has been a car accident and Ireni was involved.

When Deloraine is misquoted in a local paper, Rose is determined to prove him wrong. She signs up to be part of the team when a neighbouring school, famous for its academic achievements, challenges Hartley to a debate on the Republic issue. She enlists Chaka's support and Con jumps on the bandwagon, motivated by his interest in Chaka.

The team get fired up with anti-monarchist arguments only to discover they have to argue the pro-monarchy case. Despite his team's misgivings, Con is the star of the debate ensuring Hartley's moral victory.

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