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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 72
Season Three

With Declan's past haunting him he has a huge chip on his shoulder and proves to be a menacing presence in the school. Could it be that Declan's attitude is the consequence of his bad reputation or is he indeed a bad apple that can't be disciplined?

When Bolton (Jon Pollard) decides to challenge Declan in an attempt to mark his territory he is surprised, and somewhat relieved, to find that Declan isn't interested in fighting him. Instead, Declan stands up for him when the teachers accuse him of stealing. Unfortunately, Declan is about to find out that the teachers have good reason to suspect Bolton.

Meanwhile, Katerina (Ada Nicodemou) is more determined than ever to be a successful dancer and, after a difficult clash of wills, Ronnie (Deni Gordon) helps her understand that to be a successful dancer, she has to find some discipline and commitment.

When Matt (Vince Poletto) and Allie (Inge Hornstra) enlist Roberto's (Ivar Kants) help to train them for the annual school cross country both Roberto and Allie have something to prove - Allie needs to show Matt and Roberto that just because she is a girl doesn't mean she isn't as good on the track, and Roberto wants to show everyone that he is still fit - even at his age.

Heartbreak High stars Diane Craig as June Dyson, Emma Roche as Danielle Miller, Barbara Gouskos as Helen Bordino, Ian Bliss as Andrew Bell and introducing Rupert Reid as Declan Costello. Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television production, written by Peter Kinloch, directed by Andrew Prowse and produced by Ben Gannon.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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