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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 85
Season Three

Charlie has discovered Matt is Hartley’s most popular guy, and so he asks Matt for help on changing his image. Matt agrees to help, and when Charlie’s done his makeover, all the girls find him drop-dead gorgeous. Including Katerina. But when she asks him out, he boasts that he’s already got a date that night, which isn’t true. Kat goes complaining to Matt, but he tells her she’s superficial: she never wanted him and now that he’s become handsome she does. Kat goes to the Shark Pool that night, looking quite stunning, and finds out Charlie isn’t on a date at all. She asks him out again, and he says he really wants to. But on the date, they find they haven’t got much in common, so Kat starts trying to change him. He doesn’t want that, so the next time at the Shark Pool she makes the jukebox play one of Charlie’s favourite songs. He’s really surprised and they go dancing together, which ends with a kiss…

Stass is being photographed for the modelling agency, but she hates it. Bolton encourages her, but she makes it clear that she does not want a career in modelling, even if she could have one. She’s only doing it to pay the rent. But the photographer gives her a job: she’ll be showing fashion at the mall. Unfortunately at the fashion show things go all wrong. Stass tells Bolton she never wants to model again, and the kiss. Later her first study support cheque has come through, so she doesn’t even need a job anymore.

A former bandmate of Declan’s, Lara, arrives. She tells Declan she’s about to record a demo tape for a record company, and that she’s going to try to cut him in on the record deal. She stays at Declan’s place, and it really bothers Dani but Declan doesn’t seem to notice. He gives her some songs he’s written recently, to practise; they’re in a book which also contains a song written by Dani. He tells Lara not to focus on that one, but when he’s off to school she records Dani’s song on her tape and adds she’s written it herself. Later on Dani finds out Declan and Lara were an item, and she isn’t sure about her relationship with him anymore. She thinks she’s got nothing in common with Declan and later on she breaks up with him. When the guys have been at the mall, watching Stassy, Lara accidentally leaves her jacket, and Dani finds the demo in its pocket. She listens to it at home, and finds her song is on it. She and Declan go to the record company where they hear Lara never told about Declan at all, and they tell them there Lara has stolen their songs. The deal gets cancelled and Lara leaves, while Dec and Dani get back together.

Tom is still helping Allie with her novel, and they get closer and closer. They go surfing together, and afterwards he kisses her! Allie’s novel gets published and it’s also in a competition. If it wins, Allie will be off to the UK for six months for a writing workshop.

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