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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 87
Season Three

Allie’s been feeling sick for a few days already, and Dani’s concerned about her. When June and Ronnie get into the classroom to tell Allie she’s won the young writers competition, instead of being thrilled Allie runs off, crying. Dani follows her and finds out her friend is pregnant. Dani tells Matt so, and he goes to the warehouse in the middle of the night and offers Allie all the help she needs, presuming the baby’s his, but she refuses his help. When Allie tells Tom about her pregnancy the next day, Dani and Matt see it and realise Tom’s gotten Allie pregnant! Matt attacks Tom. June says she’ll expel Matt if he doesn’t tell her why he hit a teacher. Tom, the sanctimonious son of a bitch, tells June he really can’t figure out why, and Allie doesn’t want to betray him. But when she finds Tom has been engaged to his girlfriend Vicki while he was also seeing her, she goes to June and tells her. Meanwhile Tom tries to get a transfer to Canberra, but it gets rejected: he’s suspended indefinetely.

Allie accepts the fellowship to London she’s won, after all, but as she wants to keep the baby she’ll have to leave immediately so the baby can be born when she’s back in Australia. June tells her there will always be a place for her at Hartley.

Kat and the others are organising a surprise party for Charlie’s birthday. He wanted to give a party himself, but with the help of Kat only two people agreed with showing up. Bolton and Declan kidnap Charlie and take him to the Shark Pool, where he sure is surprised! The party turns out to be a double one: partly for Charlie’s birthday, and partly for Allie’s departure.

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