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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 9
Season One

The Poulos family struggle to get on after Ireni's death. Nick is concerned about the way Effie is working through her grief and George's moribund demeanour gets him down. Still, like the rest of the soccer team, he is determined to see they gain a victory in their final match. To boost the team's moral, Con scams to get uniforms. His efforts go awry, but Ruby steps in and succeeds where Con fails. The uniforms achieve their aim, but it is only when George comes out of himself and at the crucial moment arrives to coach them through their last game that spirits soar and a victory is made possible.

To address the hopeless domestic efforts of the Poulos family, Con's Mum arranges for someone to come and spend a couple of hours in the house each day. Enter Stella, a gorgeous woman in her late 30's with lots of earthy sex appeal. Nick feels that Stella's presence is too soon after Ireni's death and he is not particularly welcoming. George is grateful for the help and glad of her company. He is also relieved when Stella makes a great friend of Effie and as a result, Effie seems willing to let go of her obsession with her Mother. The catch is, Stella's domestic skills leave a lot to be desired; she can't cook to save her life and scrapes through the other jobs under Effie's guidance.

Graham tells Steve he has to resit a maths exam. The time clashes with rugby training, which creates tension between Southgate and Graham. When Steve feels he's not getting the support he wants from his team he defects to the soccer team.

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