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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 94
Season Four

The Bordino's are overjoyed when their son Con turns up. There are huge plans for him to return to the family business, take up his relationship with Katerina again, etc. Then Con introduces his new wife to the family.

Ronnie is upset when Declan does not turn up to the first exam of the HSC. When she investigates Declan tells her he was looking after his sick mum.

Bolton has had a tough time in the first exam, so desperate for help - he steals Stassy's lucky crystal. But the crystal is not lucky for Bolton.

Heartbreak High stars Vince Poletto as Matt Logan, Jon Pollard as Alan Bolton, Tara Jakszewicz as Anastasia 'Stassy' Sumich, Sebastian Goldspink as Charile Byrd, Rupert Reid as Declan Costello, Ada Nicodemou as Katerina Iannou, Deni Gordon as Ronnie Brooks

Written by Howard Griffiths directed by Richard Jasek and produced by Ben Gannon; a Gannon Television production.

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Heartbreak High is a Gannon Television Production
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