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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 99
Season Four

It's the first day back at school and new acting principal and staunch disciplinarian Les Bailey, lays down the law. Against Ronnie's warning, he nominates Melanie as prefect-come-spy. It creates tension amongst students and discipline problems.

Ryan and bad boy Drazic lock horns before the bell has rung for first period. Their antagonism spills out on to the basketball court where tension between them grows when Drazic lets Ryan cop detention for throwing the ball at Les.

Anita gets caught with too much make-up on and Melanie is forced to give her detention. Melanie and Anita have a falling out when Melanie defends Les. They recognise the tiff isn't worth their friendship.

Leo puts Katerina in charge of Declan and Charlie at the Shark Pool to minimise confusion. Katerina revels in the role as boss and decides to organise the chaotic warehouse too. She goes way overboard.

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