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The official BBC Heartbreak High book


The second Heartbreak High album featuring Died Pretty and Frente!

Heartbreak High fan photos
Fan photos

Managed to snap a Heartbreak High star down the supermarket? We want to hear from you! Send in your photos to fanphotos@heartbreak-high.com and we'll show them off on this page.


Scott and Hannalot
Hannalot and Scott
above: Hannalot and Scott Major met up in Amsterdam during his trip to Europe in June 2005. She also runs his official website, www.scottmajor.com.au
sarah lambert and karyne
above: Karyne from France met Sarah in New York City in spring 2000. "She was doing some shopping with a girl-friend of hers in Soho. She was very nice and said she was sad the show had ended."
Deb Brown snapped the following at the Melbourne Show.
above: Deb and Seb pose for the camera
above: Lara signs cast photos for the fans
above: Lara and Seb smile at the photo desk

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