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The official BBC Heartbreak High book


The second Heartbreak High album featuring Died Pretty and Frente!

The ABC's Heartbreak High site
Fan sites
There's a lot of Heartbreak High websites out there. Don't believe us? Type "Heartbreak High" into Google and you'll be hit with about 128,000 results. All that can be a bit dauting, so we've put together a list of our favourites.
Anne's Heartbreak High fanpage
Anne's new page contains details of the cast as well as photos of Hartley's couples - and an exclusive pic of how Hartley Heights looked like when it was in use as a real school! Verdict : Bright and flashy!
Marina's Heartbreak High page
Marina has selected some rare pics of the Heartbreak High cast for display and also has a page dedicated to the fans of the programme - some of which are members of the Heartbreak High online club! Verdict: Unique
Hannalot's Official Scott Major site
Ever wanted to know more about the man behind Rivers? This site's got everything: interviews, photos, sound clips. Verdict: Complete
Tessa's Heartbreak High page
Tessa's site has photos, character biographies and episode guides. Verdict: Detailed
Like what Heartbreak Holland is to Dutch fans, "Hartleyweb" from Loic is very detailed and contains information and pictures from the show - there is even a page about the new show from Gannon TV: Head Start.

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