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Luke Jacobz
as Zac Croft

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Luke Jacobz as Zac Exclusive interview with Luke Jacobz who played Zac Croft in Heartbreak High

Have you got any strong memories of working on Heartbreak High?
Lara Cox (LaLah) She was probably my strongest memory of HBH. She was really sweet ALL THE TIME.

Do you have any gossip on any of the other actors?
  Cal, well there is a story just in the name. I am sure that he is
extreemly popular over there as well as here in Australia. He was great to
work with. 1 because of his great acting talent, but he was soooo funny.
Because he is a couple years older than me he used to alway take the p*ss
and call me "The young fella" which used to get on my nerves soo much!

Before you scored the regular role as Zac, you starred in an episode alongside Jeremy Linsday Taylor as an extra. Why did it say on the end credits FERRAL YOUTH...... LUKE ASHWOOD? Do you use a stage name or something?
Well the name Luke Ashwood was a name that my agent and i came up with for
when i was acting as a young kid. And i didn't know weather i would ever do
any full time work so i just used that name. Then when i landed the HBH job.
I just used my name because then i would be recognised as me. If that
answers your question.

We saw you on Home&Away with an eyebrow ring. Did you have one before H&A or was it the producers decision for you to get one? Did it hurt?
After meeting Cal on HBH and seeing his Eyebrow ring i wanted to get one
straight away, but the producers on HBH didn't allow it so as soon as i
finished HBH i had my tounge pierced and my eyebrow, but the most painful
was on my ear, believe it or not, Because at the top of your ear its
cartledge, and your eyebrow is just skin and tounge is just muscle. So no
the eye didn't hurt.

If you landed a big part on a TV show, and the producers said that you must cut your hair, would you do it?
It depends i supose. If it was a good part with a good future in it then
yeah i probably would.

Was Bianca Nacson a good kisser? Were you nervous, or were you looking forward to it?
Bianca and i have a history. We have known each other since we were
about 8 or 9. Yes she is a good kisser, but no i wasn't looking forward to
it. It was like i was kissing my sister or something. But yes it was quite

What are your plans for the future?
I am hoping to land a role in a Feature film, Australian or over seas.
Its really wouldn't matter, But i would love to travel. That would be

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