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Marcel Bracks
as Lee Delaine

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Marcel Bracks as Lee Exclusive interview with Marcel Bracks who played Lee Delaine in Heartbreak High

Firstly, how did you get into acting?
My year 12 drama teacher inspired me.. so after i finished my leaving exam i went and got an agent… which took me sometime.. .but i've always known i wanted to be an actor, i was just too scared to find out how to go about it.

What has been your most challenging role so far?
I guess playing Lee was, i tried to layer him with different things so he was real...
He was kinda off beat and dark at times and was mixed up a lot of the time, and has an actor it's hard not to carry your character's baggage.

What jobs have you had outside of acting/music?
Oh dear....ummm.. i've worked in a pub, movie cinemas , clothing factory, for a sound and lighting company, cleaning boats on the weekends, as a DJ , painter...
I still have a rough time now looking for work when the acting work is a bit slow.

Do you plan to get (back) into music?Many Aussie tv stars go into pop music - Do you have any plans to do that?
Well i guess yer....i would love to, i have always written my own music and it would be rad to have it released...it's just that i think there is so many great muso's out there..i would want people to listen to my music because they thought it was good, and not just because i was an actor. You know what i mean ????

What was it like having to kiss Rose Byrne, Stephanie Bursill, Bianca Nacson and Fleur Beaupert? Were you nervous?


What was it like playing the guest role of Dave the phone caller? Did you think that one day you might be part of the regular cast?
I had no idea..but it would have been interesting to continue with that character, instead of starting a new one(Lee) but both were fun, i just love working as an actor......

Certain elements of your own personality were added to Lee, for example his musical talent. How did that happen?
The writers found out that i played guitar, i went in for a script reading and oh thought...that's nice lee's gonna play some guitar.....i nearly pee'd my pants because i was out of practice........

Compare/contrast yourself to Lee.
I guess Lee is everything i would try not to be...i think guy's try to be Drazic, but there is more of Lee in every guy than what they would like to admit.

As Lee, you had to get up onto the roof of the school a couple of times. In your first Lee episode, a stunt double was credited, what about the other times, eg, your last episode, did they make you stand right next to the edge? What about safety?
Yer the last ep was me no stunt double, i was tied down so wasn't going to go anywhere, some of the crew were ready to catch me just in case.....

How would you have liked to see Lee leave the show if it was up to you? (I think maybe he should have gone on tour with Tommy Emmanuel or something!
That would have been cool! I guess I was a little upset at the way he left, but at the end of the day it's my job to act and the writers job make those decisions. I would have like to have seen Lee fall in love with an older woman from a record company, who signed him to tour with and open for the Sterophonics.........

What was your favourite Lee storyline?
Tommy Emmanuel 1 for sure and the spider one, and the 70's school dance.

Did you ever get a script and think, "I can't believe I have to do that?"
All the time....oh you have no idea.

If you'd had the chance to come up with ANY storyline for Lee, no matter how crazy, what would it have been?
I would have loved to have down a show totally from Lee's prospective....that could have been cool..( like Lee is the camera) and the other actors talk straight to camera.

Who was the most fun to work with on set?
This is going to sound corny..but we all got along really well. There was always someone making you laugh.

How often do you get recognised when you go out?
Some of the time
Any embarrassing situations ever occurred?
A girl asked me to sign her breast once that was a little embarrasing.......

Do you ever see any of your ex-HBH co stars?

What are they up to now?
Acting, partying......working 9 to 5 jobs.

Did you watch Heartbreak High before/whilst/after you were on it?
Ummm...i always watched it.

What did you think of the UK whilst you were over there?
I loved it !!! English girls have style !! Beautiful country sides, and history, and so close to Europe....what more could you want.

Who's your favourite artist/band?
Jeff Buckley, Beth Orton, Stereophonics, Vince Jones....Robbie Williams is doing some funky stuff too...

And finally, is it true that you hate oysters?
How in the hell did you know about that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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