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Nina Liu
as Mai Hem

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Nina Liu as Mai Exclusive interview with Nina Liu who played Mai Hem in Heartbreak High

Firstly, a big thanks to Nina for taking the time to answer some questions for us!
Okay, question number one, how did you get into acting?
I was a dancer first, acting was like a challenging progression.

What has been your most challenging role so far?
Cassius in Julius Caersar.

Besides starring in it, you were also a choreographer on Heartbreak High .What did this involve?
I devised and choreographed the mural in the green room sequence and also the performance art performed in the Shark Pool with Katerina.

Would you say you were better behaved at your own school than Mai was at Hartley?

How much input did you have, to the character of Mai? Are there any elements of yourself that you put into her?
I think that any character one plays is fed by the actor's own make-up. Part of the joy of acting is exploring those parts that you don't usually access and that's how I felt about Mai.

If you'd had the chance to come up with ANY storyline for her, no matter how crazy, what would it have been?
Mai's adventures around the world!

Did they ever give you a costume, and you thought, 'I cant believe I have to wear this!' ?
Oh yeah! The gorilla costume! But oh what fun!

Because some of Mai's clothes were pretty outrageous, eg the green striped jacket!
What are you saying re the green stiped jacket?!

Did you get to choose what colour(s) they dyed your hair, and was it easy to wash out?
I did have input. The red ends I had early on had to be peroxided blonde first which meant 16 hrs in the salon.

What was the funniest thing to happen on set while you were there?
We always had funny stuff happening on set, but looking back it was only funny then. Katerina cooking was pretty funny though.

Were the early wake-ups hard?
Sometimes. There's something really special re going to work so early though when the rest of the city is still asleep. Everything's really quiet and you watch the sun rise. Sorry...how poetic!

How often do you get recognised when you go out? Any embarrasing situations ever occured?
It's been yrs since I did the show and it tends to suprise me when people still notice. The funniest thing was getting noticed in the art gallery where it's really quiet and a class of school kids got excited.

What's it like to know you've got fans all over the world? HBH is extremely popular in Holland for instance.
I can't begin to explain. It's a very weird concept that people all over the world have seen your face and yet you 've never seen them.

Lots of Aussie tv stars go into pop music, do you have any plans to do that?

Did you watch Heartbreak High before/whilst/after you were on it?
I hardly watch any TV so no.

What's your favourite film?
I change my mind all the time but anything by Xiang Zhimou is a winner.

What are you up to at the moment?
Just ready to finish a three year acting course.

Do you have any plans for the future?
Lots and Lots but who knows which of them will come into being!

And that's all folks! Thanks a lot Nina!

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