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Meet the fans

Heartbreak High has millions of viewers worldwide, from those watching a locally produced show in Sydney, to the French, Dutch and British fans on the other side of the world.

We thought it would be interesting to get to know some Heartbreak High fans a little better.

March 2004: Marina, near Grenoble, France

How old are you now?

How old were you when you started watching Heartbreak High?
I've seen a few episodes at 13, but really began to watch it at 14.

Which series/How many episodes have you seen?
I've seen all of them.

What are your three favourite episodes and why?
*Episode 125 (40 hours without eating): The whole episode is funny, especially thanks to Katerina who keeps on moaning and ends up eating chocolate...It's also an important episode, when Charlie discovers that the love between Anita and Drazic is reviving.

*Episode 118 (Draz and Ox): There are a lot of sentences said by Drazic to Ox which are very funny, even if they are mean. It was also interesting to see that Drazic was a bit jealous of Ox, because he managed to "interest" Katerina, and Drazic didn't!

*Episode 103 (Melanie's party): In this episode, there were a lot of sad things which happened to Melanie...She spent all her money, her party was ruined and finally Ryan doesn't love her! I felt pity for her. But it was also a funny episode, especially when Kat and Mel go shopping.

Which is your least favourite episode and why?
Episode 131. The first in the new school. I've been disappointed to see several characters which I didn't like (Nikki and Kurt), who were really disrespectful with the Hartley High students. The way they are treated by the Hartley Heights students (and Barnett) in this episode is really annoying.

Who is your all-time favourite student character on the show and why?
Bolton. Because he's the perfect guy! He's always very funny, very different. The others think he's crazy, but he's only a bit of an eccentric. He could also be very sensitive (his lovestory with Linda), and rebellious even if he always keeps cool. Last but not least, he's also rather good looking!

Who is your all-time favourite non-student character on the show and why?
Samantha. Because the whole storyline about her struggle against her feelings for Peter was great. She was always on the edge, always about to give up...I liked this "I love you", "I love you not" story. I like her, she's the most passionated, sensitive and free non-student character.

Which characer do you like the least and why?
Gem. Because she can't stand to see happy people, and needs to destroy their happiness to feel good. She likes to be mean and to lie, even to her friends. Her only purpose in life is to make the other suffer (Thania, Tess, Marco...). I hate her personality!

If you could be any character for a day, who would it be and why?
Even if I hate her, I'd like to be Gem! It would be entertaining to be a pest, and a mean girl...and to make people believe you're an innocent girl. I would probably be quite good at it! And if I'm Gem, I could also get the chance to kiss Zac!

If you could meet any Heartbreak High cast member, who would it be and why?
Luke Jacobz. No comment! ;)

Hartley High or Hartley Heights?
Hartley High. I prefer this school, it's more "lovely" than the 2nd one (even if it looks old). The students there were also more rebellious than after, and closer to real high school students. There were also more problems broached in the 1st school. The students were poorer, and it was a multicultural high school, while in Hartley Heights they weren't poor, and almost all of them came from a "white" background.

Which two characters, that never got together on the show do you think would make a good couple and why?
Melanie and Lee! Maybe not the most charismatic couple, I know! But they were alike...They're both awkward with the others, they have almost no friends, a lot of sad things happen to them, and they both lost a member of their family...I guess they could have consoled each other, and felt better if they were a couple!

What is your favourite quote/line from the show?
When Charlie explains to Ryan a way to take blood without using needles:

"Take a sharpened knife, and tear off the leg above the knee, then let the blood flows out smoothly in a tub" (Translated from french, as I've never heard the original sentence). This sentence always makes me laugh!

How many episodes do you have on tape?

What Heartbreak High merchandise, books, CD's, posters etc. do you own?
Lots of interviews, posters and pics. I also have a sort of characters/episodes guide for the 1st season, which I got from the channel which aired hbh. I also have the 2 first soundtracks cds, thanks to Pitchoune.

Tell us something you've done which would make for a typical Heartbreak High storyline.
Cheating on an exam...Not the way Stassy, Bolton and Bazza did though. Since I'm at uni, I do that everytime. We take our exams in big rooms, and me and my friends exchange our drafts or talk, and the teachers don't notice anything! A friend of mine even managed to pass her year only thanks to this method...:)

If you were a student at Hartley High / Hartley Heights which characters would you be friends with and why?
*Sarah, because I think we're quite alike, we have the same personality.
*Anita, because she's a nice girl, she's rather simple.
*Mai, because she's great. She knows what she wants and she fights for good causes. I also like her sense of humour and her energy.

Sum up Heartbreak High in one word.


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January 2004: Floren, Madrid

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