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Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High's original music was composed by Todd Hunter, though the show also featured a lot of Australian artists, which are listed below.

On more than one occasion, cast members were given the opportunity to sing, including Abi Tucker (Jodie), Salvatore Coco (Con), Rupert Reid (Declan), Fleur Beaupert (Nikki), Bianca Nacson (Gem) and Marcel Bracks (Lee).

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Music featured in Heartbreak High season 1

Episode 1
Original Heartbreak High Opening Theme by Todd Hunter

Episode 2
Sanctify by Manctissa

Episode 3
Don't tell me what to do by Baby Animals

Episode 4
Train of thought by The Sharp

Episode 5
Forever and Ever by Connie Mitchell

Episode 9
Everybody's got something to lose by The Jackson Code

Episode 11
Headaround by Died Pretty

Episode 12
So fine by Caligula

Episode 16
Steppin' On by Sexing the cherry

Episode 17
Outside These Walls by Abi Tucker

Episode 20
You've Changed by Abi Tucker

Episode 21
More Wine Waiter Please by The Poor

Episode 22
Whatever I Had With You by Abi Tucker

Episode 23
Satisfy The Groove by Culture Shock

Episode 24
You open my eyes by Hoodoo Gurus

Episode 25
Girls by Vincent Stone

Episode 26
Four Letter Word by Chocolate Starfish
Less than a feeling by Hoodoo Gurus

Episode 27
Therapy by Defryme
Caution To The Wind by Elastic

Episode 35
In The Neighbourhood by Sisters Underground
Helping Hand by The Screaming Jets

Episode 36
Outside these walls by Abi Tucker

Episode 37
Breathe In by Abi Tucker
Vanity Breathes by Abi Tucker

Episode 38
Little Blonde Girl by Violin Con Marankazidis
Breathe In by Abi Tucker

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