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Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High's original music was composed by Todd Hunter, though the show also featured a lot of Australian artists, which are listed below.

On more than one occasion, cast members were given the opportunity to sing, including Abi Tucker (Jodie), Salvatore Coco (Con), Rupert Reid (Declan), Fleur Beaupert (Nikki), Bianca Nacson (Gem) and Marcel Bracks (Lee).

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Music featured in Heartbreak High season 2

Episode 39
Tomorrow by Silverchair

Episode 41
My Enemy by Culture Shock

Episode 42
Impossible To Fly by Baby Animals

Episode 43
Inanay by Tiddas
My enemy by Culture Shock

Episode 44
Mr T by Archie Roache

Episode 45
Tell Someone Who Cares by The Poor
Can't Help It by The Truth

Episode 50
Only You by Abi Tucker
Xarit by Bu-Boca Diop
Wedding Day by The Humm

Episode 53
Wasn't It Good? by Tina Arena

Episode 54
Happy by Wendy Matthews

Episode 56
Apple Box by Abi Tucker
Coma by Max Sharom
Green Limousine by The Badloves

Episode 57
Oh So Cool by Boom Crash Opera

Episode 58
Lotus And My Romeo by Abi Tucker

Episode 59
Didn't Mean To Make You Cry by The Electric Hippies

Episode 60
Turn It On by The Angels

Episode 61
Down To The River by Abi Tucker & Terry Serio
Rest In Peace by Abi Tucker & Terry Serio
Second Chance by Abi Tucker & Terry Serio
You've changed by Abi Tucker
Only you by Abi Tucker
Whatever I had with you by Abi Tucker

Episode 62
Funkify by Swoop

Episode 63
Stops 'n' Starts by Died Pretty
Together as one by Pangaea
Peace of mind by Turbo Chicken

Episode 64
Second Chance by Abi Tucker

Episode 65
Me And My Marble Bubble by Abi Tucker

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