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Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High's original music was composed by Todd Hunter, though the show also featured a lot of Australian artists, which are listed below.

On more than one occasion, cast members were given the opportunity to sing, including Abi Tucker (Jodie), Salvatore Coco (Con), Rupert Reid (Declan), Fleur Beaupert (Nikki), Bianca Nacson (Gem) and Marcel Bracks (Lee).

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Music featured in Heartbreak High season 4

Episode 92
Ashes by The Paradise Motel

Episode 93
German Girl by The Paradise Motel

Episode 94
Living Thing by The Badloves

Episode 95
Anything you want by Sidewinder
Run by Abi Tucker

Episode 97
Last Train by Christine Anu
You've got it all over you by The Jackson Code

Episode 98
Figure it out by The Screaming Jets

Episode 99
Better get a lawyer by The Cruel Sea

Episode 100
Everybody loves the sunshine by Swoop

Episode 103
Got it goin' on by Human Nature
Any day now by Swoop

Episode 104
Pray by Ground Level

Episode 106
Good at love by Died Pretty

Episode 108
Drugs by Ammonia

Episode 110
When We Talk About Love by The Big Bag Band
C.R.U by The Big Bag Band

Episode 111
When We Talk About Love by The Big Bag Band

Episode 112
I want you by Savage Garden

Episode 114
I'll be your majik by Def FX
Apple Eyes by Swoop

Episode 115
Spend The Night Dont Be Shy by Kulcha

Episode 116
Salt by My Friend the chocolate cake

Episode 117
Weight to lean on by Sidewinder

Episode 118
Without you by Jack Jones
Your ship is gone by My Friend the chocolate cake
Talk about love by My Friend the chocolate cake

Episode 119
Easy by Hunters and Collectors

Episode 122
Grooving by The Hunting Party

Episode 124
Not given lightly by Frente

Episode 126
Always Underground by The Hunting Party

Episode 128
Last nite by Wicked Beat Sound System

Episode 129
Real Love by Tex Perkins

Episode 130
Bad Light by The Paradise motel

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