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Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High's original music was composed by Todd Hunter, though the show also featured a lot of Australian artists, which are listed below.

On more than one occasion, cast members were given the opportunity to sing, including Abi Tucker (Jodie), Salvatore Coco (Con), Rupert Reid (Declan), Fleur Beaupert (Nikki), Bianca Nacson (Gem) and Marcel Bracks (Lee).

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Music featured in Heartbreak High season 5

Episode 133
Lost by The Mavis's

Episode 134
Falling Star by Rebecca's Empire

Episode 138
Fly Girl by Kulcha

Episode 140
Wayathul by Warumpi Band

Episode 141
Ascending by Not Drowning Waving

Episode 142
Buddha Baby by Leonardo's Bride

Episode 143
The Journey by The Lord's Garden

Episode 144
Captain (million miles an hour) by Something for Kate

Episode 145
If only… by Hoodoo Gurus
Booty Full by Skunkhour
It must be love by Karuption

Episode 153
Even When I'm sleeping by Leonardo's Bride

Episode 154
Step Inside by Magnetic

Episode 155
Up and Down by Monique Brumby

Episode 156
Good times by CDB

Episode 157
Do you like it by Kulcha
All my friends are getting married by Skyhooks

Episode 158
Clearlight by Cordrazine

Episode 161
I used to love dancing by The Lord's Garden

Episode 162
Nasty by Kulcha
Rushall Station Remix by Underground Lovers

Episode 163
LMA by The Mark of Cain

Episode 165
I will find you by The Lab

Episode 166
Love walks in by The Earthmen

Episode 169
Buy me a pony by Spiderbait

Episode 170
Where's the enemy by The Whitlams

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