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Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High music

Heartbreak High's original music was composed by Todd Hunter, though the show also featured a lot of Australian artists, which are listed below.

On more than one occasion, cast members were given the opportunity to sing, including Abi Tucker (Jodie), Salvatore Coco (Con), Rupert Reid (Declan), Fleur Beaupert (Nikki), Bianca Nacson (Gem) and Marcel Bracks (Lee).

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Music featured in Heartbreak High season 6

Episode 171
Fool for you by Monique Brumby

Episode 172
When You Fall by Hunters And Collectors

Episode 173
Dammerung by Frontside
When you fall by Hunters and Collectors

Episode 174
Illusion by Bellicose

Episode 175
Stevie's Blues by Tommy Emmanuel

Episode 176
Super Highway by Yothu Yindi

Episode 177
Birds II by The Lord's Garden
Un Bel Di Vedrimo by Puccini

Episode 178
Too many hearts by Chris Wilson

Episode 181
Doubt by Endorphin

Episode 182
Relapse by Endorphin

Episode 184
Change in me by Monique Brumby
April Sun in Cuba by Dragon

Episode 186
Blue Skies, Blue Sea by The Blackeyed Susans

Episode 188
Crazy by Cordrazine

Episode 190
Love-1 by Bellicose

Episode 192
Clearlight by Cordrazine

Episode 193
Heavy Heart by You am I

Episode 197
Communication takes two by The Jaynes

Episode 201
Memorial Drive by Cordrazine

Episode 202
Memorial Drive by Cordrazine

Episode 204
Caught by Effigy

Episode 205
You're not the only one who feels this way by Ammonia

Episode 206
Break by Leonardo's Bride

Episode 207
Cry by The Mavis's

Episode 208
Love Walks In by The Earthmen

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