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Luke Jacobz
as Zac Croft

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Luke Jacobz as Zac Luke Jacobz
as Zac Croft
actor biography

The stereotypical description of tall (181cm), dark (olive complexion) and handsome, is quite applicable considering Luke’s appearance. Similar to his Heartbreak high character Zac, Luke enjoys and excels in the sport of soccer. He also enjoys playing basketball, karate, and heading to the beach for a swim and surf.

Luke’s acting career was developed at the Sydney Talent Company where he undertook acting and singing lessons. His experience in the field of television productions began in 1998 with Home and Away and has since appeared in Heartbreak High and Breakers. Luke has appeared in various television commercials including Continental Pasta for One (1996), Baby Beets (1997), and more recently Coca Cola (1999) and Gravox (1999). Only 18 years of age, his career in the acting industry has just begun.

Since leaving Heartbreak, Luke got his eyebrow pierced, and appeared in Home and Away, and is now a regular presenter on popular show The Big Arvo.

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